JC Kennels is owned and operated by James and Maricar Beck.  We purchased the kennels in March 2003 and welcomed our first guest, Lacy a beautiful German Shepard, in June.  The kennel, originally built in 1986, got its start as a grooming facility with boarding as a side business.  We opened our doors under the present name JC Kennels in 2003.

Since 2003 the kennel has maintained steady operation with a constant focus on facility upgrades and staff training.  The facility upgrades included replacing the outer building skin, replacing/adding new windows on the South and West walls, remodeling the laundry/kitchen area, and creating a separate mechanical room. We improved the layout of the facility by relocating the cat room and building a separate drying room adjacent to the grooming room.  Next we updated the electrical systems and the entire HVAC ductwork air circulation system greatly improving the heat distribution throughout the building. Finally we removed interior paneling walls to completely insulate all the wall cavities and providing a new wall board and paint finishes.  Around the facility we upgraded the entire exercise area fencing to ensure safety and security around the facility, and we added a new roof over entire building area, replacing corrugated roofing over the exterior kennel runs.

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